Bespoke bag?

At Lobos we can personalise your bag with a hand-painted graphic chosen by you. Our resident artist, Marta Mosler Kalisz - who has an amazing eye for detail - can transform your Lobos bag into a timeless piece of wearable art which is unique to you.


Decide on your bag (you can choose any bag from our range).

Email with your chosen colour and size.


Decide on a design or share an idea. Select which option is best for you and email these details to

Option 1 | Initials + Small graphic | Bag + €30

Option 2 | Colourful graphic on one side of the bag | Bag + €90

Option 3 | Detailed graphic on both sides of the bag | Bag + €290


Together we will discuss your idea via email. We’ll then prepare an illustration of your bespoke bag and send this across for your consideration. Once your design is finalised and your order is placed, Marta will begin the process of painting your bespoke bag by hand.

I would love to order my bespoke bag!