Welcome to the World of Lobos, where art and fashion converge to create wearable art. Our mission is to empower women to embrace individuality, explore creativity and celebrate craftsmanship through the timeless luxury of handcrafted bags.


The joy of dressing is an art. A Lobos bag celebrates the marriage of creativity and craftsmanship with a distinctive aesthetic. Collaborating with talented artists to bring the essence of individuality to each design, we believe your bag should be as beautiful as a precious piece of jewellery or artwork. From the inspiration points to the finished piece, a love of craftsmanship and personalisation flows through every step of the Lobos creative process, resulting in a work of wearable art which is both functional and fashionable.

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We believe in the freedom of self-expression and the importance of versatility; a philosophy which led to our signature concept of 1 bag; 2 looks. Armed with one luxury handbag and a handcrafted detachable accessory, you can express a classically elegant style or choose to make a statement and embrace your artistic side. Versatility and individuality are core values at Lobos and the 1 bag; 2 looks concept ensures that your handbag will always tell your story.

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